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A US ink firm has unveiled a range of new commemorative drink packaging designs with a dramatic visual appeal that are dedicated to members of the US armed forces, according to Packaging International’s website.

The cans contains the caffeine-heavy drink, Monster Energy and feature Chromatic Technologies Inc’s colour-changing technology, causing the images displayed on the outside to shift between different shades, depending on the environment they’re displayed in.

In warmer conditions, the images, which depict US troops, are desert camouflaged-coloured but, when exposed to colder temperatures – specifically temperatures at or below 10 degrees Centigrade/50 degrees Fahrenheit – they shift to blue.

Chromatic Technologies is a pioneer in the field of visually-represented temperature-shift displays, or ‘thermochromics’. The displays on the colour-changing drink cans employ specialised inks that, previously, were used on packaging to signify, simply, whether a particular object was hot or cold.

Now, there’s ever-increasing interest being shown in the potential for this technology to be used for advertising purposes, too. In the words of Chromatic Technologies, in the case of Monster Energy, it allows a ‘unique graphic and message’ to be broadcast to customers.

The US armed forces drink cans design concept was developed through a collaboration between Chromatic Technologies and Monster Ink, with the images themselves having been produced by Dick Kramer, an artist who specialises in renderings of the US armed forces.

The cans will be available on a limited basis, since they’ll only be sold at US military bases in the United States and at other sites where US troops are stationed, which include facilities in the UK, Japan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

— Source: Packing International’s website


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