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TradeWindow has entered into a trial agreement with Hong Kong-based Global Shipping Business Network for a proof of concept allowing international shipping and port data to be included in TradeWindow’s Cube platform.

GSBN, a not-for-profit technology consortium whose members handle approximately one-third of all shipping containers in the world, operates one of the leading blockchain-based platforms for the industry, with a backing from major ports and shipping players including China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO Shipping), Hapag-Lloyd, Hutchinson Ports, and PSA International.

TradeWindow CEO, AJ Smith, anticipates that the trial could lead to a long and fruitful relationship with GSBN, to ultimately create greater value for TradeWindow customers.

“This agreement supports our vision to facilitate greater digital collaboration, transparency, insights, and trust between trade stakeholders along the supply chain, and will initially improve the experience of TradeWindow’s customers via increased visibility of port events. Using insights from the proof of concept, we can work with GSBN to define an ongoing service for the New Zealand and Australian market,” said Smith.

The proof of concept will provide TradeWindow’s pilot customers with visibility of ‘container gate out’ events received from within GSBN’s network.

“There is potential in the future to expand the cargo release data and documents we access to include further international shipping, port, and clearance data within the Cube environment.”

Bertrand Chen, CEO of GSBN, was pleased that the consortium was expanding its reach in the New Zealand and Australian market. “Our proof of concept with TradeWindow is the first of its kind in New Zealand and provides an excellent opportunity for us to test the viability of providing visibility of port data and documents via TradeWindow’s Cube, which benefits our members and their end customers.” 

GSBN’s blockchain-powered trade data utility platform was built in partnership with Oracle, Microsoft, AntChain, and Alibaba Cloud and officially went live in September 2021. The platform enables supply chain participants to work collaboratively to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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