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Sports enthusiasts in several Asian countries will now be able to buy a range of unique sports equipment from New Zealand company Packaworld International, thanks to an agreement with one of China’s leading sports equipment suppliers, AirGoal Sports.

Following several years of collaboration, Packaworld and AirGoal Sports have entered a distribution agreement, which extends Packaworld’s distribution network to east Asian countries, including China.

Packaworld CEO Peter Roberts said the agreement was a significant milestone in Packaworld’s history and a huge step towards achieving the company’s vision of bringing the joy of sport to more people around the world. 

“Our joint venture will provide Packaworld with access to some of the largest markets on the planet, and in turn give AirGoal Sports a unique opportunity to develop their business outside the fast-growing football market”, Mr Roberts said.

AirGoal Sports is the equipment sponsor of the Chinese national football team. It supports China’s youth and school football development programme with innovative goals and training aids as an integral part of a Chinese government initiative to get more people playing the world’s largest sport.

Packaworld International is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand. It provides a range of safe high-quality sports equipment that is quick and easy to set up, enabling people to play the sports they love where and when they want to.

Mr Roberts said a recent announcement by Alisports – the sporting division of e-commerce giant AliBaba Group – to invest NZ$140 million in Chinese rugby over the next 10 years offered huge opportunities for another one of Packaworld’s latest innovations. 

Rugby Packaposts are the world’s first truly portable full-size rugby posts. Created using Packaworld’s unique design, they can be easily inflated and deflated, offering countries with few established rugby facilities a way to bring the game to new regions and more players.

“Packapost is ideal for growing rugby around the world. With the upcoming 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, this is an exciting time for rugby in Asia, and Airgoal is now well positioned to support growing rugby nations with Rugby Packaposts from Packaworld.”

Airgoal Sports Operations Director Kawa Liang said he was thrilled to enter an agreement with Packaworld and saw great potential for future collaboration.
“Packaworld has a fantastic track record of working with sporting codes to overcome barriers that stop people from playing,” Mr Liang said. “Together, we will work to help more people around the world to play the sports they love.”

As part of the initial collaboration between the companies, Airgoal Sports will also distribute Packaworld’s unique Packabocce courts to Special Olympics organisations in the region.

Photo: Peter Roberts meets with Li Tie, former Everton midfielder and current Assistant Coach for the Chinese National Football Team, at the recent Shanghai Sports Fair.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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