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The USA subsidiary of global cancer diagnostics company, Pacific Edge Limited, has signed a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) agreement with Veterans Administration, which will allow the company to market its innovative, non-invasive bladder cancer detection technology, Cxbladder, to the Veterans Administration (VA), the nation's largest integrated health care system.
The FSS contract will provide access to Cxbladder for the 8.8 million veterans currently enrolled in the VA across 1700 sites. In addition, the contract also provides access to Cxbladder tests at the 150 US Department of Defense (DOD) facilities across the United States.
Chief Executive of Pacific Edge, David Darling, said: “This is an exciting development for Pacific Edge in the United States and another significant commercial milestone for our company. The VA is one of our targeted three large customers for this market and could eventually become one of our largest customers in the USA. It is a separately funded federal program for veterans and their families and is
recognised as a large and unique organisation. This contract adds to our commercial momentum in the United States and increases our penetration of this key market.
“The FSS contract award is a lengthy and iterative process. Following this signing of the agreement, the VA will issue the contract award documentation and we will begin engaging with the key stakeholders within the many VA and DOD centers to ensure that Cxbladder is available to physicians and their patients.”
The USA sales force has recently increased to 18 dedicated sales executives operating in key geographic regions, who will now be able to work with the VA and DOD facilities and their healthcare providers to secure access to Cxbladder.
Pacific Edge launched commercial operations in the United States, the world’s largest healthcare market, in mid-2013. Laboratory through-put and revenue are tracking to the company’s expectations following an active direct sales and marketing program to clinicians and healthcare organisations.
Pacific Edge will continue to develop and commercialise its portfolio of cancer detection tests with a view to initially commercialising those technologies in New Zealand, followed by the USA and other markets.
Further developments of the Cxbladder technology are underway, with a third test, Cxbladder Monitor, to be released in the United States this year, following its launch in New Zealand in December 2015. Cxbladder Predict is planned for launch in late 2016.
Photo: David Darling.
Glenn Baker

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