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China’s new passion for skydiving is getting a major boost from a New Zealand aircraft maker which knows plenty about the sport.

Pacific Aerospace, which makes the P-750 aircraft, one of the world’s most popular skydiving aircraft, and its China joint venture company Beijing Pan Pacific Aerospace Technology (BPAT), are partnering with eight Chinese airport companies to support the flourishing skydive sector.

Skydiving is one of the fastest growing recreation and sporting activities in China with Government backing and support through the country’s Sports Administration Bureau.

The P-750 aircraft, used by drop zones in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia, is recognised for its ability to carry up to 17 skydivers to jump height fast and effortlessly and to return quickly to pick up more thrill-seekers.

Damian Camp, chief executive of Pacific Aerospace and BPAT says the Chinese skydiving market will continue to grow at a rapid pace.  “BPAT recognises the latent potential in China for skydiving and has already made a number of strategic investments in the industry alongside our recent opening of an aircraft assembly factory in Changzhou.  Locally assembled P-750s will soon be seen all over China carrying skydivers on their adventures.”

At Airshow China at Zhuhai BPAT will sign mutual cooperation agreements with eight individual airport companies around China – Hainan Jinlin Group, Shanxi Taiyuan Raocheng Airport, Hebei Pingquan Airport, Shanxi Pucheng Neifu Airport, Jiangxi Jian Tongping Airport, Jiangsu Zhenjiang Dalu Airport, Wuhan Hannan Airport, and Hainan Airlines Group representing the Ba Da Ling skydive zones.

Also at the airshow BPAT will sign a cooperation agreement with the China Sports Administration Bureau for the mutual development of aviation sports throughout China.

“These mutual cooperation agreements are the fundamental building blocks to support BPAT’s China skydiving business strategy”, says Camp.  “Furthermore, they are a blueprint for a business model we hope to roll out across the international skydiving scene.  Our vision is that Pacific Aerospace, and its aircraft, will become synonymous with skydiving”. 

Pacific Aerospace general manager of global markets, Mark Crouch, says his company’s latest aircraft type, the E-350, will also soon join the ranks of skydiving aircraft. 

“The E-350 Expedition, which we recently announced, is the perfect entry level aircraft for smaller dropzones, or those needing a backup aircraft to something like the P-750.  With the ability to carry six skydivers it is the right size for many operators and will give them valuable experience as they grow their business.”

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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