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Following a boom in demand for its forensic verification and traceability services, Oritain Global is expanding once again, this time into the Australian market.

Oritain is a global leader in using forensic science to determine food, fibre and pharmaceutical provenance.  Its unique services protect the reputation of its customers by identifying and mitigating well-known risks in the supply chain. 

The company already has some significant Australian customers on its books, including Farm Pride and Auscott Limited, with others to be announced shortly.

Oritain CEO Grant Cochrane says that consumers are becoming more concerned with provenance, and the number of recent disputes (Palace Poultry, Wagyu beef, Victorian honey and wine) questioning the origin of food in both Australia and New Zealand have grown significantly.  

“Australian businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of traceability and how it can add value to their businesses. Consumers definitely want to know where their food comes from, and Oritain’s proof of origin technology can offer that reassurance.

“We see Australia as a market with significant potential for growth. They are a large country of exporters to Asian markets where food fraud in particular is a real challenge.  Asian consumers tend to see Australian food as being both high-quality and safe, so this reputation – along with the bottom line – must be protected,” says Cochrane.

Cochrane says that recent changes within the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) industry collaboration also mean that businesses are starting to have greater focus on supply chain vulnerability assessments, which will likely mean greater adoption of control measures to help manage that risk.

Oritain’s new Australian business will be led by Sandon Adams who has significant experience in the food industry after a long tenure at Nestle where he worked with and managed global brands including Nescafe and Milo. 
As a member of a fourth-generation Australian farming family (broadacre cropping and cattle grazing), and with experience in aquaculture, horticulture, agriculture and FMCG, he is passionate about the future of food production and supply, and looks forward to leading the Oritain business from Sydney.

Pictured: Sandon Adams.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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