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Orion Health has signed an agreement with a major U.S. healthcare insurer. The project will commence in April and is expected to deliver the Orion Health Amadeus precision medicine platform for its membership base.  
Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae says the Amadeus platform will give the insurer’s provider partners access to longitudinal patient records that include information from across all venues of care the member has been seen at. It will be deployed via the SaaS (Software as a Service) model and will incorporate the entire membership, which is over 3 million members.
“This is an extremely progressive health insurer that understands the need to work closely with its provider partners to build a comprehensive, longitudinal patient record that will improve the quality of care to its members, as well as lower costs,” McCrae says.
“Hospitals and other healthcare providers that partner with the insurer will have all the patient data they require at their fingertips to enable superior, co-ordinated care for its members.
“Over time this information may include not only the medical record, but data about an individual’s genetic makeup, as well as lifestyle and environmental factors. This information is increasingly viewed as important in enabling the practice of highly targeted healthcare, otherwise known as precision medicine.”
McCrae says the Orion Health Amadeus platform was chosen because of its proven ability to capture and store comprehensive patient health information – including clinical and claims data – and deliver it to healthcare professionals in real time. 
Orion Health Amadeus is an open platform, so it will allow accredited third-party applications to leverage the rich data for new and existing applications uniquely tailored for the insurer’s membership base. These applications will be designed to increase the member’s engagement in improving their own health outcomes.
The contract will further boost the number of patient health care records managed by Orion Health software. Currently Orion Health’s software manages over 90 million patient health records worldwide.
Glenn Baker

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