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NZTE is launching a $4 million Export Business Continuity Service, in partnership with PwC and Deloitte, focussed on its export customers. 

The service will provide them with access to one-on-one professional services to help them manage the impacts of Covid-19 on their business, including business continuity planning, scenario planning, business remodelling, supply chain readjustment, etcetera.

This service is for New Zealand businesses who have established export markets. NZTE is funding the service by reprioritising $4 million of its existing budget, made possible by savings primarily from international activities. The service will be delivered through a voucher to a maximum value of $5,000 per business.

NZTE Chief Executive Peter Chrisp (pictured) acknowledged that this is a particularly uncertain time for exporters and that many will be facing significant challenges ahead.

“As countries around the world move to contain and stamp out the virus, this is creating increasing constraints and uncertainty for exporters. However, it is important to note that there remain no formal restrictions on market access for goods exports and imports as a result of the outbreak. So, there is a way through this,” he said.

“This is a challenging period for exporters, with major disruption both at home and abroad. As part of the broader government response to support businesses through this period, NZTE is keen to lean in and support exporters with access to top level advisory services.

“In particular, we want to support businesses to step back, rethink and remodel their businesses if required,” said Chrisp.

The new service is the latest in a package of support provided by NZTE. Other elements of the package are;

1: A dedicated, enhanced website ( brings together intelligence from in-market teams around the world to keep exporters up to date on developments. The page has a range of practical tools and resources, such as a business continuity plan template.

2: Exporters can also get support through our advisory services, including access to a network of private-sector Beachheads Advisors. These advisors can support businesses to grapple with issues including consumer behaviour/insights, cross border ecommerce activity and freight and logistics. The NZTE Investment team is developing ‘drop-in’ cashflow clinics.

3: NZTE has deployed the additional $4 million provided by the Government two weeks ago for any business around the country which is impacted by Covid-19. It is utilising the Regional Business Partner network to provide additional on-the-ground business advisors, workshops tailored to specific business needs and access to a national business mentoring service.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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