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The NZ Code trademark has been launched with the vision of increasing provenance and adding New Zealand to the global software map.

The NZ Code trademark is intended for software service companies and high-tech manufacturers that are confidently Kiwi.

New Zealand’s $11.3bn tourism has evaporated since Covid-19, placing renewed importance on supporting New Zealand-based software and technology companies to grow at home and in international markets. Buy NZ Made executive director Ryan Jennings (pictured) says New Zealand codes some of the best software in the world and needs to be better recognised for its significant contribution to the economy.

“We have shown what’s possible with a science and technology first approach to Covid-19 and the world has taken notice. Now is the time to follow that up and prove we code software that solves business problems globally and have it received credibly.”

Jennings says New Zealand has had to be more self-sufficient in creating software companies without buckets of Silicon Valley cash. “We’ve had to be more resilient and creative in solving business problems, because in a smaller economy our software developers must solve a broader range of business problems earlier in the company growth life cycle.”

Seeing an ‘NZ Code’ logo displayed by a software service company could improve consumers’ confidence in using New Zealand software service and improve clarity on what consumer data protection applies. In addition, the New Zealand Code logo could be used by businesses to attract talent that wants to work at a Kiwi company developing software services.

“It is time to recognise the previously invisible potential of New Zealand Code.”

Companies that want to qualify must have developed the codebase for software in New Zealand. Its software build team must also be based in New Zealand.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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