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New Zealand specialist weighing and dimensioning company Atrax Group has supplied all of the baggage and cargo scales for the huge new Beijing Daxing International Airport.

The US$17 billion Beijing Daxing International Airport is Beijing’s second international airport. Nicknamed ‘starfish’, its terminal building is more than a million square metres. The high-speed luggage system has 422 check-in counters, all with Atrax baggage scales.

In addition to being the sole supplier of baggage scales Atrax won its bid to supply all cargo scales. Atrax applied its new dimensioning technologies to win the cargo dimensioning and weighing projects across all five cargo buildings at the new airport, says Atrax Group Managing Director, Kevin Maurice.

“A New Zealand company winning sole supplier of all baggage scales, cargo scales and cargo dimensioning at Beijing Daxing International Airport is a huge success not only for Atrax, but also for Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise,” he says.

Research for the new dimensioning technologies was partly funded by a Callaghan Innovation grant. The grant helped enable technology research that resulted in Atrax developing a new dimensioning solution. The new technology can scan, weigh and dimension cargo in motion on a conveyer belt. It calculates dimensions for objects that have odd shapes and sizes – known in the industry as ‘ugly’ freight – with great speed and accuracy.

NZTE also had a hand in the win by providing valuable support to Atrax on the ground in China, Kevin Maurice says.

“NZTE’s local people in China helped us gain regulatory approvals. As New Zealand Government officials they can achieve more cut-through than a private company. This project is a great result for ‘New Zealand Inc’. We’re getting many other product and technology export enquiries as a result.”

Beijing Daxing International Airport is expected to be north China’s commercial aviation hub, handling 72 million passengers and two million tonnes of cargo a year by 2025.

Atrax Group scored another big win earlier in the year when it installed Atrax baggage scales at all 468 check-in positions at Turkey’s new Istanbul Airport. Atrax also supplied air cargo scale components for Istanbul Airport’s largest cargo terminal.



Glenn Baker

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