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Nestle has opened a new factory dedicated to the manufacture of hypoallergenic infant formula based on 100% hydrolysed whey protein, doubling its capacity.

The consumer goods giant says it recommends breastfeeding wherever possible, as breast milk is the most nutritionally sound first food for babies, but in cases where breast feeding is not possible formula may be used that mimics the make-up of human milk as closely as possible.

The new factory is an extension of the 106-year old Biessenhofen factory, where Nestle has produced hypoallergenic infant formulas since 1987 – as well as infant cereals and other foods, and some adult healthcare products.

Taking two years to complete, it cost €117m and doubles Nestle’s capacity for hypoallergenic infant formula to 28,000 tons annually. It encompasses a new 23 metre-high spray tower, thermal insulation, and a new eco-efficient cooling system.

Nestle has not commented on growing demand for hypoallergenic formula, but food allergies are a subject that is attracting more attention nowadays. Incidence of food allergies has increased in recent years, around 3.9% of children suffering from an allergy – although allergies often become less severe or disappear in adulthood.

According to Nestle, the hydrolyzation of the whey protein reduces the allergenicity of the protein found in cows’ milk moderately. This is said to gently introduce a “so-called oral tolerance to food allergies and produces a pleasant taste for babies.”

Nestle says it brings a “significantly reduced risk of significantly reduces the risk of allergies in infants with increased family risk compared with traditional, non-hydrolysed infant formulae.”

Infant formula is also produced at two other sites. Formula from Biessenhofen is exported to 80 countries worldwide. – Source:


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