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Korean food industry representatives will have an unprecedented opportunity to sample fresh, pure food and beverage items from New Zealand when they attend Seoul Food and Hotel 2010.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), New Zealand’s national economic development agency, is bringing together 10 New Zealand food and beverage businesses to exhibit at the international food industry exhibition, which is the largest event of its type in Korea, NZTE says on its website.

The New Zealand pavilion will showcase beef, seafood, kiwifruit and dairy products along with specialty food items and organic beverages.

Seoul Food and Hotel, which attracts around 32,000 visitors, will take place at Ilsan, Kintex, from 12 to 15 May.

A kitchen and tasting room is being set up within the New Zealand pavilion and special guest, popular New Zealand chef Darren Wright, will be based there. Darren will introduce visitors to a wide range of New Zealand foods and dishes.

In addition, NZTE will host a cocktail reception on 13 May for selected industry representatives including importers, distributors and buyers.

NZTE Trade Commissioner, Graeme Solloway, will attend Seoul Food and Hotel 2010 and give a presentation on New Zealand’s food industry.

Solloway says the exhibition presents an exciting opportunity to introduce the Korean food industry to outstanding foods from New Zealand along with recipes for preparing the produce.

“Visitors to our pavilion will learn about New Zealand’s world-leading food industry and be able to sample a variety of products. Our focus is on the quality of ingredients and foodstuffs from our natural environment, and the innovation we bring to food development and design. We are particularly pleased to have one of New Zealand’s top chefs working with us and giving our guests the chance to enjoy the superb, natural taste of some of our premium products,” he adds.

New Zealand companies participating in Seoul Food and Hotel 2010 are:

  1. ANZCO – Beef
  2. Aotearoa Seafoods – Greenshell mussels
  3. Aquaculture New Zealand – Salmon, greenshell mussles
  4. Charlie’s – Organic beverages
  5. Fonterra – Butter products, cheese, crème cheese
  6. Heinz – Spaghetti sauce, white sauce, demi-glace sauce
  7. Jatra – Sauces, beef stock, roux, health food
  8. Meat and Wool New Zealand – Beef
  9. UBP – Beef
  10. Zespri – Kiwifruit

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