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Boutique New Zealand winery SOHOWINE CO is toasting their success as the first three 40 foot containers filled with 4000 cases of SOHO wine, leave our shores, bound for the USA. 
The independently owned winery has just signed a deal with Chuck Squires from Vici Wines and Spirits, a specialist US-based wine importer. The agreement, along with other exports and domestic sales, will see SOHO’s production increase by 253% over the next two years. Vici alone will import half of the expected 60,000 cases to be produced in 2014. 
“We’ve long considered adding a premium New Zealand winery to our Southern Hemisphere portfolio (which until now has focused on South American wines) but until we came across SOHOwe hadn’t found one that met our brief,” says Chuck Squires.  “Not only is the wine award-winning and distinctive, but the whole essence of the brand is appealing – from the fashion inspiration to being named after the entertainment capital of the world.” 
SOHO, already known for its risqué and contemporary approach, is going from strength to strength during a tough time for many others in the wine industry.  Inthe last year alone SOHO has signed export deals with two key distributors: VrankenPommery, Australia and Bibendum Wines, UK, adding to an extensive list of export destinations  including China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Fiji.  
Rachael Carter, founder of SOHO, adds, “It’s been a very busy year for us, and we have many more exciting things in the pipeline.  For us it has been all about embracing our passion for life, fashion and entertainment so that we can produce remarkable wine that tastes great and meets a need in the market.
“Growing our own grapes on family-owned vineyards, and having three award-winning winemakers in the best New Zealand wine regions, is part of our successful business model.  This also means we have the grape capacity to the meet the increased demand for our wine.” 
The SOHO range will be sold through Vici Wine distributersi n 50 states across the US from 1 September 2012. An extensive range will be sold, consisting of Soho White Collection Sauvignon Blanc, Soho White Collection Pinot Noir, Soho Stella Sauvignon Blanc, Soho Jagger Pinot Gris, Soho Havana Pinot Noir and Soho McQueen Pinot Noir.  More varietals will be added next year.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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