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It’s healthy for the New Zealand economy post-covid to have some good news regarding a Kiwi tech company succeeding in the US. New Zealand health and safety tech company Jupl has secured a supply agreement with United Efficiency USA, an AT&T partner.

United Efficiency provides remote medical consultancy services and patient monitoring and emergency response services throughout the United States. Jupl co–founder Alan Brannigan says they have a well-established presence in the Australasian aged care sector, but this US partnership marks a new chapter in the company’s history which sees us them going global.

“What makes this deal special is that not only did we beat other competitors, but we demonstrated that we have a stand-up health and safety platform in the USA which can be managed from Auckland.”

The United Efficiency and AT&T partnerships provides Jupl with the opportunity to market its leading-edge mobile tracking, monitoring and personal emergency response products to a wider range of customers. This includes aged care providers, lone workers, banks (mobile lending), hospitality and retail industry personal security solutions, and of course frontline healthcare workers.

Jupl co-founder Sir Ray Avery says he is proud of what the Jupl team has achieved in securing the US deal. “With the Jupl cloud-based monitoring system, we can track people’s movements 24/7 and remotely change the reporting and communication lines in real time to suit individual customers requirements.

“For example, with respect to the covid-19 pandemic, if we could get a large percentage of any population to download the Jupl mobile app then we could track and trace not only individuals movements, but the contacts that they were exposed to and the duration of that exposure.

“We would then have a much better idea of how the covid virus is transmitted. This could be particularly important with respect to monitoring the infection rates among first responders and hospital caregivers.”

Brannigan says there has been a lot of interest in the Jupl mobile app and Jupl watch following on from the covid crisis. “People want to check where their loved ones are and follow their movements in real time and know that they are safe. It’s great in these challenging times to be making products to help others stay in touch and know that they can get help at the press of a button.”

Sir Ray Avery says the US will benefit from their Jupl technology in this difficult time and improve healthcare outcomes and track and trace capabilities not just during the pandemic but way into the future.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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