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Kea, the organisation that connects New Zealand to its most influential expats, has announced a new board of directors to drive a bold new strategy to connect more Kiwis around the world than ever before.
After 11 years, co-founder and chair Sir Stephen Tindall is stepping down and will be replaced by New York-based financier Phil Veal. 
New board members include Stefan Preston (World Class New Zealander and entrepreneur), Nicky Bell (Saatchi & Saatchi NZ CEO), Rob Cameron (investment banker) and Craig Donaldson (banker). 
Global CEO Dr Sue Watson said Kea’s new strategy increases Kea’s reach and influence by building and activating three valuable communities of Kiwi expats and friends of New Zealand. 
The first is an open online community aimed at connecting the one million New Zealanders who live abroad. 
“There are one million Kiwis living offshore, and our goal – and one of the objectives for our new board – is to connect with every one of them, to make New Zealand the most globally connected nation in the world. Social media enables us to extend our reach like never before.” 
The second is a network of 1000 of New Zealand’s most influential people around the world. 
“Connecting these New Zealanders, and opening up the contacts, capability and capital they hold, will boost New Zealand’s economic development,” she said.
The third is to further activate the World Class New Zealand programme that Kea already runs: a network of 160 New Zealanders who make a significant contribution to New Zealand. 
Chair Phil Veal is excited at the opportunity presented by Kea’s new strategy. 
“I’m delighted to be taking up the challenge, with the help of the board, a group of well-connected and highly successful New Zealanders, to reach our talented diaspora for the benefit of New Zealand.”
Glenn Baker

Professional writer/editor with 35-plus years experience - including radio copywriting, various television writing/production roles, and writing for business magazines. I have also co-owned a wholesale food distribution business.


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