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In a move to benefit and add value to overseas clients – particularly those based in the EMEA region – and to strengthen their global perspective and market insights within their focus industries, Kiwi company Journey Digital has expanded into the UK.

Managing Director of Journey Digital, Dane Tatana, says the launch of a second Journey office comes as the company accelerates on its long-term plan to continue delivering the best digital transformation both locally in New Zealand and offshore.

“As a business, we’re Auckland-based, but we’ve been working with international companies for three years and have established a strong foothold in Europe – a reputation as all Kiwi’s do for being pragmatic and getting a job done at a high standard, with little bureaucracy and wastage.

“The majority of our revenue comes from the Northern Hemisphere, so with demand and the growth of our clients living and working up over there, it made sense for us to be closer to them.”

Establishing a portfolio of international clients in healthcare, automotive, and aviation industries, Tatana says having a London-based office is the perfect place and means they can be in closer strategic alignment with clients than ever before.

“By decentralising the business, we’re able to respond faster as a result of working in two time zones. This means we can be more efficient, have a better client relationship, and most importantly, we can increase the speed and quality of the digital solutions we deliver.

“London is somewhere I have experience with, it’s the business centre of Europe, it’s a convenient time-zone for all of Europe and the Middle East, and it attracts some of the best talent in the world from thinkers and designers, to technologists.”

Journey’s new UK office will be led by Richard Watt (pictured), someone who has a wealth of experience in senior sales, account development and consulting roles, and is someone who has worked closely with Tatana previously.

Watt says that while it is a brand-new location and office, it’s a luxury to feel like a start up with all the foundations already laid out. “Journey has had so much success internationally in the last few years – it’s a great opportunity to be involved in a growth story where there’s really good momentum already.

“It’s an exciting time for Journey and myself. While it’s a big challenge, I’m looking forward to growing something locally, working with Dane again, and building on the great work that the team is already doing.”

For Tatana who has strong ties with the UK and London in particular, it is a milestone moment as he called it home for much of his life. This, he says, is where he became well connected and experienced with EMEA companies in the digital space.

“I immigrated to the UK with my parents when I was a child, and it’s where I started my career and went on to work for 10 years. My working life was spent mainly in the change management communications area, working with the likes of Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon across the many diverse markets that make up the region. London is somewhere I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to return and do business.”


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Glenn Baker

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