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Clients of the Auckland-based food and beverage innovation centre, The FoodBowl, will have a new range of services available following the announcement that intellectual property law firm, James & Wells, have signed on as a strategic partner.

The partnership will allow The FoodBowl to utilise James & Wells’ extensive services and networks to advance the goal of growing New Zealand’s food and beverage industry and expanding its international reach. This includes strategic intellectual property advice, as well as commercial, export and health claims expertise.

The FoodBowl provides state-of-the-art product and process development facilities, export resources, industry networks and expertise, and continuing education programs to large and small New Zealand companies.

Alexandra Allan, The FoodBowl CEO, says the increased diversity and availability of global food and beverage products is making it necessary for New Zealand businesses to create and manufacture innovative and sustainable products to meet growing consumer demand.

“We see it as a valuable step forward to increase the number of New Zealand food and beverage businesses leveraging their intellectual property rights to grow their business both nationally and internationally,” Allan says.

“Partnering with James & Wells and its dedicated Food and Beverage Innovation Team will offer a number of benefits and opportunities to clients of The FoodBowl, including access to Chinese networks, investment and inbound trade delegations.”

Jason Rogers, Partner and Head of the firm’s Food and Beverage Innovation Team, says the partnership builds on the existing work James & Wells has undertaken to assist kiwi food and beverage businesses strengthen their wealth potential.

“Alongside our strategic IP expertise, we have tailor-built services specifically for the food and beverage industry”, he says.

“We’re excited to be working in a fast-growing and innovative sector. The opportunity to work closely with The FoodBowl is a great privilege for us.”

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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