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A new sugar-free lollipop can combat bacteria that cause bad breath, with an effect that can last up to six hours, according to

The report says Israel-based manufacturer Breezy took three to develop the technology which consists of microcapsules filled with zinc agents that scrape the tongue to remove food particles and odour-producing bacteria.

Halitosis affects nearly 50% of the adult population, primarily caused by aerobic bacteria that build up at the back of the tongue and are increased by dry mouth, smoking, medications, diet, and gum disease, according to the World Dental Federation.

The global oral hygiene market is USD$25 billion; $5.3 billion is spent on breath fresheners (gums, mints), and more than $1 billion on OTC halitosis products in the US alone, claims the firm.

The company said that a clinical trial on 75 individuals produced statistically significant results, reducing bad breath by 60%.

Hillel Lerman, Breezy CEO told that while the product is not yet on the market, the company is currently in negotiations with several large and small distributors in Europe and beyond.

Requiring only minor modifications in existing confectionery production, the technology can be used in any confectionery product, claims the CEO.

He also said there were no challenges in terms of taste as “such a small amount of zinc” is used in the microcapsules.

Breezy claims its technology can be applied to additional applications with different microcapsule ingredients.

Lerman said the company was currently developing products to address other conditions such as smoker’s breath and dry mouth.

The next product to launch will fight candida on the tongue, said Lerman, although he would not provide any further information. – Source:


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