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New Zealand designed and manufactured GT Kontiki has launched the World’s first ‘auto pilot’ electronic kontiki which is set to revolutionise the fishing world.

The GT Kontiki, an electronic long line fishing system, has developed an innovative World’s first built-in guidance system which enables the GT Kontiki to hold its course by automatically altering its rudder to counteract the forces of waves, currents and rips.

This ‘point-and-go’ system means that even when the GT Kontiki is pushed off course, the unit will self-correct and re-establish its bearing, unlike conventional kontikis which tend to go astray and usually ending up beached kilometres up the coastline. The GT Kontiki will save fishermen/women time, anxiety and hassle!

An additional unique and world-first feature is the remote control unit for turning the winch on and off. This nifty gadget enables single handed operation as well as providing a safety feature as the fisherman/woman can control the winding in of the line for dealing with the hooks without having to get to the winch itself.

An optional extra is a purpose-designed trolley which neatly packs all the equipment including the torpedo, spool containing 2000m of 150kg one piece line, the electric GTK winch, alloy trace board and bait board. The Kiwi team at GTK have thought of everything – even the alloy trace board is custom designed to fit in a fridge-freezer so it can be baited up the night before saving time in the morning and keeping the bait intact for longer!

David Cameron, Managing Director of GT Kontiki, is the brains behind the product. “I have spent so many hours fighting against the surf and pacing up and down beaches trying to find where my conventional kontiki has ended up, so I decided to find an easier way! We incorporated the sophisticated auto-pilot system in the GT-Kontiki and then went out and put it to the test in our most extreme coastal waters around New Zealand. The results are amazing with the ‘point and go’ system holding its course in the roughest conditions and bringing in a decent feed for the family. The GTK offers an economic and hassle-free option for fishermen who do not have access to a boat or if it is too rough for surf casting.”

Renown fishing personality, Geoff Thomas, is also a fan of the GT Kontiki. “The GT Kontiki’s unique and highly sophisticated autopilot system, coupled with the grunty motor, makes light work of any demanding surf conditions as it punches through and journeys out to the depths. It’s amazing what us kiwis come up with so we can catch more and bigger fish using the most efficient and trouble free way possible! An impressive piece of kit”.

Hunting & Fishing NZ is the exclusive nationwide retailer group of the GT Kontiki. David Cameron commented: “The GT Kontiki is designed by New Zealanders for the harsh New Zealand conditions and Hunting & Fishing immediately saw the benefits the product offers. The GTK is sophisticated yet simple to use and so we are not surprised by the high demand for the product as it is set to revolutionise the fishing world.”

The GT Kontiki basic package includes: 50lb thrust motor, 2000m of one piece line (no crimping), four GTK 12 volt 9Amp/hr. batteries (total 27 Amp hours used at one time). Optional extras included an electric GTK winch, GTK trolley, GTK Electric winch controlled by handy remote control. Starting price with hand reel is $2,499.

GT Kontiki will be on the Waikato Hunting & Fishing stand at Fieldays (15th-18th June) and will also be arranging demo days around the country. For further information, please refer to the website


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