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Iconic Kiwi whiteware manufacturer Fisher & Paykel Appliances has made an internationally significant breakthrough in fridge technology which could cut refrigerator power use by a third, according to

The company on Wednesday announced refrigeration compressor technology which will not only potentially save up to 30% on power use, but also impact design with more space available in the fridges.

It says the innovation, developed with the world leader in compressors Embraco, will lead the refrigeration industry in the coming years.

Fisher & Paykel, which has worked on the design and concept ‘over the past few years’, has exclusively licensed the patented technology to Brazilian manufacturer Embraco, which is owned by Whirlpool.

The next stage will see if taken into field trials and than mass production.

Previous company breakthroughs for the Auckland-based listed company include the SmartDrive laundry technology in 1993 which ‘intelligently’ adapts the wash action and water levels via sensors and the ubiquitous DishDrawer in 1999, with two dish washer drawers which can be used independently on different wash programmes while saving water.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances managing director and CEO Stuart Broadhurst was quoted saying the current compressors remain upright as they use oil.

The new environmentally-friendly units don’t contain oil, allowing more flexibility in the installation and positioning of the compressor.

”In most households, the refrigerator is one of the larger appliance power users and reducing energy consumption is a consistent goal,” he says.

”The new compressor delivers a leap forward in energy efficiency that has previously been unachievable in conventional compressors.”

As well as energy savings, the shape of the unit will allow about 15 litres more space in the fridge.

The project was dubbed the ‘Britten’ internally as a tribute to the renowned Kiwi inventor John Britten who developed and built a revolutionary racing motorcycle.

”Britten’s philosophy resonated with our engineering team,” says Broadhurst.

”Like John Britten, our new compressor challenges conventional thinking and approaches to energy use and design.’  — Source:


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