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Fiji has earned its stripes as an outsourcing services industry and the Fiji government is committed to fostering an environment that supports investment and growth in the sector.

These are the sentiments expressed by Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Cooperatives, and SMEs and Communications, Hon. Manoa Kamikamica at the opening of Outsource Fiji’s Symposium and Exhibition in Auckland on February 22nd.

Speaking virtually to over 70 attendees including New Zealand-based businesses, industry experts, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operators from Fiji and key stakeholders, Hon. Kamikamica said that as an outsourcing destination, Fiji has made headway way since the first call centre opened its doors in 2009.

“Whilst Fiji is admired worldwide for its hospitality industry, our foundation for being a successful outsourcing destination is evident in the areas of understanding brand goals and objectives, sharing strategic vision and maintaining good relations,” said Hon. Kamikamica.

“We are favoured by cost efficiency, infrastructure, expertise and quality assurance, compliance and above all culture.

“The Fiji Government will continue to implement strategies in partnership with the private sector to fully realise the potential of the industry,” he added.

In recent years, Fiji’s outsourcing services sector has grown significantly, currently contributing approximately NZD180 million to Fiji’s economy and employs approximately 8,000 people.

This is largely due to its growing reputation as a strong contender for nearshore clients in Australia and New Zealand looking to diversify their outsourcing support services after experiencing disruptions to these services during the height of the pandemic.

In his keynote speech, the Chief Executive Officer of Auckland’s Chamber of Commerce, Simon Bridges said outsourcing could also provide a solution to some of the current challenges faced by businesses.

“We regularly survey our membership and fundamentally we’re always asking them about business conditions and what they are experiencing, and I can tell you their biggest issue consistently in the second half of last year, was a lack of workers. Outsourcing is certainly something to be considered and may be an attractive option for a business who requires that capacity in a certain part of their business,” said Bridges.

“There’s a real rationale for considering outsourcing and considering Fiji. I can see it as a good commercial opportunity and because Fiji is such a good and long significant friend to New Zealand,” he said.

The one-day event aims to showcase what Fiji has to offer as a premier outsourcing destination and provides the opportunity for New Zealand businesses to meet directly with Fiji outsourcing providers and key stakeholders including Investment Fiji, Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission – Australia and New Zealand and Outsource Fiji council members.

Outsource Fiji Executive Director, Sagufta Janif said over the past few months, the organisation has been approached by several New Zealand businesses looking for avenues to grow their operations and is one of the main reasons for bringing the Fiji Outsourcing Symposium and Exhibition to Auckland.

In her welcoming remarks, BPO Council of Fiji Vice-President, Josie Prasad emphasised the industry’s strong foundation and government’s ongoing support to nurture a growing and resilient industry.

“Fiji’s outsourcing industry is well and has a strong and sustainable future – a future to help businesses grow in challenging times – a future to extend a helping hand in business, which is why we have come to your shores to give businesses in Aotearoa first-hand experience of opportunities and benefits of nearshoring in Fiji,” said Ms. Prasad.

“We are grateful to the Fiji government, the New Zealand government, the Australian Government’s Market Development Facility, the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission – Australia and New Zealand and our industry partners for making this event possible.”


Outsource Fiji is an industry body that focuses on marketing, enabling, protecting and growing Fiji’s outsourcing industry. For more information, visit

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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