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ExportNZ’s 2023 Pre-Election Report sets out the state of play for the sector and invites the next government to collaborate further on the challenges facing businesses.

ExportNZ’s executive director Josh Tan (pictured) says exporting is crucial to the success of New Zealand’s economy. “New Zealand’s total export value was $89.9 billion in 2022, that’s 24 percent of New Zealand’s total GDP. The next government needs to understand why international trade matters, and how it can support the sector in future.

“Our pre-election report includes feedback and outcomes from the past 24 months of advocacy work, our pre-election engagement tour around the country and all-of-government roadshow,” he adds, “as well as results from the annual DHL ExportNZ Barometer survey, released just last week.

“New Zealand exporters are first and foremost Kiwi businesses. We’ve outlined issues both specific to New Zealand’s export sector as well as the broader business community in this report.

Tan says included in the report are recommendations to help create a high-value economy that provides quality, high-paying jobs.

“We’re also proposing solutions which sustain New Zealand’s international reputation for producing high-quality low emissions goods and services.”

The areas covered in the report are broad. They include support for exporter capability-building, investment in infrastructure and supply chain resilience, support for companies that are innovating, improvements to the regulatory system, and developing trade relationships with new partners.

The report has been shared with all major political parties ahead of the general election and can be found on the ExportNZ website (

“We want to provide all parties with a deeper understanding of the issues and opportunities for our exporters,” says Tan.


Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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