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New Zealand companies looking to expand into the Australia market will have access to high-level decision makers, key influencers, and business leaders as part of an expansion to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)’s Beachheads Advisor network.
Michelle Templer, NZTE Australia and Pacific Director, says Australia is a critical market for New Zealand when it comes to achieving our economic growth targets, including lifting exports and building more internationalised firms. 
“New Zealand’s export profile to Australia is significantly more diverse and higher value than any other trading partner. Australia is our biggest trading partner, accounting for a fifth of our exports and 16 percent of imports.”
Templer adds that while Australia is a natural extension to the domestic market for many New Zealand companies, it is important to recognise significant key differences that are critical to ensuring success.
“Size, labour market conditions, the regulatory environment and business culture are different and companies can make the mistake of underestimating the complexity and competitiveness of the market.”
Beachheads Australia will connect New Zealand companies with successful senior business executives who will offer valuable insights and knowledge.
“These executives understand the realities of doing business internationally and are committed to sharing their knowledge, experience and networks for the growth of New Zealand. This will enable New Zealand companies to fully exploit market opportunities of scale and realise market expansion through identifying new channels, new niches, new partners and new equity.” says Templer. 
NZTE’s Beachheads was launched in 2002 to accelerate companies’ growth in international markets. It is delivered by NZTE in partnership with private sector individuals and aimed at high-growth New Zealand businesses looking to grow internationally. 
The Australia Beachheads Advisory Board is the 10th to be established by NZTE and will be chaired by Penny Flynn, an Executive Director of Client Relations at BDO Australia, one of Australia's largest associations of independently owned accounting practices.
“My vision is to see New Zealand companies expand in the market armed with full knowledge of the Australian landscape and how to do business successfully, both in terms of corporation law and governance, and finding their point of difference,” says Flynn.
Fellow board members include David Clarke, the former CEO of Investec Bank (Australia) Limited, Alan Munro, former Managing Director of Lenovo Australia New Zealand, Bev Booker, Group Company Secretary for Australand, and Ian Foote, Investor and Executive Chairman of Stridesports.
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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