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Dunedin-based tracking company TracPlus Global has won a prestigious award at the annual USA Security Network Summit.

TracPlus Global Ltd was awarded top honours in the prized First Responder category of the Most Innovative Security Products & Services.

According to a company press release, TrackPlus stood out on two aspects. The first was how it has solved the GPS tracking interoperability issue between and across disparate hardware, systems and agencies. TracPlus’s platform allows sharing and “instant collaborative networks” to be formed freely and without cost.

The second was how the company’s business model allows “capability without up-front cost” by emulating the most successful sharing technologies like the internet and mobile phone networks; whereby every business pays for its own little piece of the puzzle but the sharing and collaboration is free.

The award was judged by a panel of highly regarded experts from executive levels of American and Canadian government agencies. The judging criteria centred on the uniqueness of the technology, its importance in terms of what it does, its game-changing capabilities, and its timeliness in terms of not only being ready (developed), but able to be used immediately (deployable).

TracPlus CEO Stuart Campbell says the Summit is an opportunity for technology companies like his to not only compete with the best the world has to offer, but also to showcase their latest innovations to key potential international buyers.

“The result is an ability to get best-of-breed technologies like ours into the hands of first responders and war-fighters as well as the commercial security field quickly and as inexpensively as possible,” he says.

Campbell says, “Because the Security Network’s partners stretch across the globe, there have already been many success stories of companies like ours finding partners and channels selling not only into the core U.S. markets, but other partner countries as well.”

With New Zealand now an established part of the global village, TracPlus is able to take advantage of growing relationships with an increasing number of U.S. and international partners.

The Security Network organises events at which innovative technology companies meet potential channel, financial and strategic partners; with participants from government, military and systems integrators that are looking for innovative technologies.

TracPlus Global has been delivering mission critical aviation, maritime and terrestrial tracking and messaging services to private and commercial operators, companies, government agencies, and emergency services around the world since 2007. Its technology has been used in countless life-saving situations, and Stuart Campbell says this award confirms its place as the best in the world.


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