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Waikato-based dairy biotechnology company, Quantec Ltd, has signed a distribution and supply agreement with a major Japanese specialty ingredients company, Kanematsu Chemicals Corporation.  
Kanematsu will distribute Quantec’s patented complex of bioactive milk proteins, called IDP®, throughout Japan.
In a deal that is expected to extend over a number of years, the distribution agreement gives Quantec an expansion opportunity into a key Asian market and provides Kanematsu with access to a unique New Zealand dairy-based bioactive protein ingredient for inclusion into Japanese functional foods and human health products.   
“Japanese consumers have always looked very favourably on New Zealand dairy products and we expect the agreement between Quantec and Kanematsu to further build on this customer perception of quality and innovation,” says James Groenhart, Business Development Manager at Kanematsu New Zealand Ltd.  
Founder and Managing Director of Quantec Ltd, Dr Rod Claycomb explained that, “IDP® is a unique ingredient naturally derived from fresh milk.  It contains what we refer to as having ‘Triple-A’ activity – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  For example, if used in an oral care product, IDP®  targets and kills organisms responsible for bad odour while leaving healthy mouth organisms unharmed.  It does so by being selective and targeting those characteristics of more harmful bacteria.
“We’ve been working with Kanematsu for over two years to test the Japanese market and prepare for product development and launch.  We’re especially thankful to Peter Maxwell, Callaghan Innovation’s Business Growth Manager at Waikato Innovation Park in Hamilton, who recognised the opportunity for both Quantec and Kanematsu and made the initial introductions.”
Founded in 2007, Quantec is unlike many other dairy-based companies in New Zealand who are attempting to cash-in on the current trade of dairy commodities, like milk powder.  Instead Quantec is focused on the discovery and commercialisation of high-value bioactive compounds from milk.    
This agreement with Kanematsu of Japan comes on the heels of the signing of Quantec’s first major international distribution agreement, which is to supply its patented milk protein ingredient, IDP®, to China, through Auckland-based company, NZ New Paradise.
Photo: Dr Rod Claycomb
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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