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New Zealand designer, Kris Ericksen, has been invited to display his collection of ‘fun and functional’ light shades at The Launch Pad international arena in New York in May. 
Made from flat, interlocking shapes that can be fashioned into any design, Ericksen’s Plato lighting system was selected for its element of inspiration, surprise, innovation and quality. 
“The Plato concept is based around the philosophy of play,” says Ericksen – who used Plato pieces for his 2014 and 2015 entries in the World of Wearable Arts Awards (WOW) show.
“The light shades are really fun. They are supplied as kit-sets where the pieces can be slotted together to create a pre-determined shape, or, they can be constructed into a completely new design. The idea is that you can have a play and see what you come up with – safe in the knowledge that you will end up with a distinctive and stylish light shade.”
“With Plato, you are only limited by your imagination,” he adds.
Ericksen is excited to be the only New Zealand designer taking his creations to the New York Launch Pad.
“This is a wonderful opportunity. The Launch Pad is part of the city’s official design event, NYCxDesign. It provides a stage for independent designers, like me, to showcase their products in front of potential investors and manufacturers.”
While the Plato lighting system has recently gone on sale here in New Zealand via Plato Lighting’s Facebook page and website, Ericksen recognises that he needs a partner to help him take the joy of the system to the world. 
“I’m convinced we all need more play in our lives – and how wonderful if everyday objects can provide us with an outlet for this, especially if they result in the creation of beautiful and useful items.”
Watch how the Plato pieces fit together:
Glenn Baker

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