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The iconic ‘Buy New Zealand Made’ trademark is partnering with TradeWindow to verify and deliver enhanced supply-chain visibility for their 1400-strong pool of licencees.

The trusted trademark is recognised by close to 90 percent of New Zealanders[1] and is currently relied upon by over 1400 New Zealand manufacturers to differentiate their products and services domestically and internationally across key trading partners such as the US, UK, China, Australia and India.

TradeWindow CEO AJ Smith (pictured) welcomes the partnership with Buy New Zealand Made (BNZM) and highlights the enhancements the new partnership will deliver to BNZM and their licensees.

“The core services provided by Buy New Zealand made add incredible brand value to kiwi homegrown products – we are very excited to be a part of this process, to enhance and make it easier for existing, and hopefully even more, kiwi manufacturers to take advantage of BNZM unique selling points,” says Smith.

The partnership sees BNZM integrate TradeWindow’s award-winning Assure+ solution to their own business model. The solution is designed to enhance transparency and provide full visibility on product provenance, and traceability all the way back to the points of cultivation and production.

TradeWindow Assure+ is already widely used in industries where the provenance and quality of food matters such as the wine industry and coffee sectors. Existing users include New South Wales Wine, Barkman Honey, and Mercanta Coffee.

The new partnership has been welcomed by Dane Ambler, Executive Director of Buy New Zealand Made.

“The Buy New Zealand Made is widely trusted as a mark that stands for the quality and integrity of products that originate in New Zealand and we need to keep it that way. TradeWindow Assure+ will help us effectively manage our licencees and help their end customers unpack what proof is in behind our brandmark on the product,” Ambler says.

Assure+ will help BNZM issue, manage and monitor licence certifications, and protect BNZM’s intellectual property from counterfeit use of propriety marks. The software is secure, and accessible, with a mobile-friendly interface that allows for the easy tracking of data and records.

Protection of the BNZM brand from fraud and counterfeit use extends to protection of the everyday consumer. 75 percent of global consumers list brand origin as a key purchasing driver[2], it is therefore important for any manufacturer to take advantage of this market demand for transparent production and supply.

This trademark goes beyond trust and authenticity. It speaks to the quality of New Zealand made goods and services, ensuring buyers and consumers that the product they are getting is authentically of the origin that drove them to make their purchasing choices.

For BNZM, this partnership will give their licensees the option to integrate the TradeWindow Assure+ solution into their business model alongside the BNZM trademark. Also available is the option to upgrade to a premium version of Assure+, capable of tracking supply chain activities that differentiate a brand including an organisation’s progress towards net zero environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets.


[1] Buy Kiwi Made media campaign, Research International NZ Ltd


Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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