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Sidharth Malhotra, Tourism New Zealand’s hugely popular tourism ambassador to India is returning to New Zealand to experience more of his favourite country and people.

When the Bollywood star visited New Zealand last year and shared his experiences with Indians back home, it resulted in a massive increase in the number of Indians more likely to visit New Zealand for a holiday.

Sidharth’s return visit to New Zealand was announced by PM John Key who recently visited India to further strengthen the relationship between India and New Zealand. 

René de Monchy, Tourism New Zealand’s Director of Trade, PR and Major Events said he was delighted about Sidharth’s upcoming visit. 
“India is a very important emerging market for New Zealand and Sidharth has proved to be the perfect ambassador who can help us raise the profile of New Zealand as a holiday destination in India.
“His genuine enjoyment during his time here last year generated huge interest in India and we have an equally stunning itinerary of experiences lined up for him this year. This visit is about building on his relationship with New Zealand with Sidharth visiting more regions and meeting more New Zealanders who add to the authentic experience of a Kiwi holiday,” he said.     

Sidharth will visit New Zealand from 10-20 November and will travel to the Auckland region, Rotorua, Waikato and Canterbury.
Commenting on his upcoming trip Sidharth said: “I visited New Zealand last year, and the experience stayed with me. Surrounded by such incredible natural beauty, coupled with exhilarating experiences – it makes for the perfect escape into a different world altogether. I’m really looking forward to another amazing getaway soon.”

During his eight-day visit here last year, 2.8 million people engaged with Sidharth via social media, including 57,000 people engaging with each of his Facebook posts.

Figures released last week showed an impressive 23.8 percent increase in holiday arrivals in the year to September, with 25,168 Indians visiting New Zealand for a holiday.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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