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Buy NZ Made and Arcanum have partnered to launch Logo Hunter, an automated trademark identification tool. The AI-powered search tool allows companies to control who is using their logo without permission.

An automated search allows users to receive a detailed compliance report showing companies where their brand or logo is being used, and whether it is being used correctly. Automated reverse image searching across the internet pulls all images of a certain size, comparing them to the original.

Buy NZ Made executive director Ryan Jennings says the new tech will significantly reduce the organisation’s time spent investigating trademark breaches by replacing a manual process which is slower, less regular, less accurate, more labour intensive and costly.

“Trademark breaches have been a pain point for us for a while. In 2020 it has accelerated with businesses not wanting to be left behind the shop local trend. Arcanum’s Logo Hunter will help companies around the world protect their intellectual property rights and build their brand.

“Now organisations can say they regularly and actively monitor licence compliance – our licence holder group expect their collective investment in Buy NZ Made to be recognised, protected and reciprocated by those flying under the same banner.”

Logo Hunter will also be made available in other legal jurisdictions to identify and protect country of origin marks for Made in America, Australian Made and British Made.

Logo Hunter commercial lead Tony Zhang says any trademark identification team or corporate can apply the same technology to protect their visual intellectual property rights.

“Logo Hunter has a wide range of use-cases across any entity which seeks to protect their brand. It is particularly useful for certification bodies, like organic or climate change. Any firm with strong brand image can now save time and costs with automated logo use checks for websites, marketing assets and documents.

“Logo Hunter is about protecting trademarks, and in this case, we are pleased to help protect the Buy NZ Made brand.”

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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