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New Zealand pork and pork products will soon be served up on dining tables in Australia, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has announced.

Access and certification for New Zealand pork exports into Australia has been agreed by MPI and Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Department officials visited New Zealand to gain a good understanding of our systems, followed by a series of negotiations and close engagement by officials.

Access has been granted for uncooked New Zealand pork meat and products containing New Zealand pork.  Uncooked pork meat will, however, require further processing once it arrives into Australia.

Pork exports to Australia can start immediately.

“New Zealand has a very strong meat regulatory system, which is held in high regard by our trading partners,” says Jarred Mair, MPI’s Deputy Director-General Policy & Trade.
“These have helped towards enabling access to Australia for our pork and pork products. 

“We appreciate, and would like to acknowledge, the support of the New Zealand pork industry in reaching this milestone.”

New Zealand’s pork exports are currently limited to a small number of markets, such as the Pacific Islands and Singapore.  In the year to 30 June 2017, New Zealand exported about 173 tonnes of pork in total valued at around $1 million.

New Zealand Pork Chairman Ian Carter says access to Australia for New Zealand pork will provide a positive boost for New Zealand’s pork industry. 

“Commercial pig farmers in New Zealand are passionate about the care and expertise they invest in farming their pigs,” says Ian Carter.  

“We see the granting of access to Australia as an important formative step to explore export markets that value the qualities associated with pork and pork products produced from pigs born and raised in New Zealand, backed by PigCare™ – the industry’s independently managed animal welfare assurance programme – and the sector’s world-leading high health status.  

“We are grateful for MPI’s support in facilitating this first step,” says Carter. 

“Australia is already a very important market for New Zealand’s primary products,” says Mair. “We’re pleased to be able to add pork and pork products to the list.”

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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