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ARANZ Geo was named Export Innovator of the Year at the recent New Zealand Innovation Awards 2017.

ARANZ Geo Chief Executive Shaun Maloney says, “This is a really proud moment for our passionate and dedicated global team who are taking our innovative software and services to every part of the globe.”

ARANZ Geo contributes technology and solutions to enable earth, environmental and energy projects in over 80 countries around the world. The company is known worldwide as the developer of the revolutionary Leapfrog® 3D geological modelling solutions for mining, environmental, energy, and other geologically dependant industries.  

“Our innovation is now contributing to the understanding and management of some of the biggest earth, energy and environmental challenges facing humanity and the planet,” says Maloney.

ARANZ Geo’s solutions turn complex data into geological understanding, providing timely insight for executives and geologists alike, to enable critical time-sensitive investment decisions that reduce risk, cost and time, and extract value.  

Maloney says, “It’s a very exciting time for the company. We started out applying our innovation in the mining industry, and the success and learning has opened up a world of opportunity.  We’re growing rapidly around the world as a result.”

The company’s technology and solutions are now used in a wide variety of other earth, energy and environmental projects including water quality and resource management, hydro dams, transport tunnels and other civil engineering areas, and geothermal energy. 

“Our software is even being used to contribute to geological understanding, modelling and management of geological risk for the construction of a final disposal facility of spent nuclear fuel in Finland”, says Maloney.  

ARANZ Geo’s global footprint includes a score of offices around the world including Australia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Canada, Denmark, South Africa and the UK.   

Pictured: Shaun Maloney.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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