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For Kiwi businesses looking to export food or beverage into the Southeast and North Asia markets, a new podcast series hosted by Cameron Gordon delivers important food for thought.

Cameron Gordon, a partner and the head of client growth at Incite, is one of the leading experts in food and beverage deal-making in Asia. He has extensive knowledge of F&B market composition, industry players and market trends in Southeast and North Asia, and is chair of the ASEAN Food & Drink Exporters Forum.

Now in a new podcast series, Food For Thought, he dives into the imported food and beverage sectors across Southeast and North Asian export markets.

The series features a number of market experts who share their views and on-the-ground insights with Cameron – discussing opportunities and challenges and the latest trends and developments. Whether you are a seasoned exporter to this region or looking for the first time, this podcast will deliver fresh insights.


Food for Thought, Episode 1, ‘Cracking the Singapore market’

This podcast is all about the battle for visibility and shelf real estate.

Cameron introduces Victor Ha from HL Yong in Singapore. As a fourth-generation leader of HL Yong, Victor provides some great insights on the current grocery and food service sectors in Singapore.

Hear some important facts about the e-commerce grocery business, the double-edged sword of the openness of Singapore, and Victor provides great advice for brands considering entering the Singapore market for the first time.


Food for Thought, Episode 2, ‘Decoding the Indonesian market’

Adaptation is required to meet this market of 275 million people.

Here, as part of Incite’s Southeast and North Asian distributor interview series, Cameron speaks to Marco Munscher from PT Diamond in Indonesia.

Marco shares his knowledge about recent changes in Halal certification, the importance of adapting to meet the needs of the market in terms of taste profile, brand marketing and price positioning, and where the lion’s share of grocery retail sales takes place.


Food for Thought, Episode 3, ‘Understanding the Philippines’

A digital-savvy market with rapidly developing cool chain and grocery sectors

As part of our Southeast and North Asian distributor interview series, Cameron spoke to Justin Lim, Sales and Marketing Director at Linkage Foods in the Philippines.

He delves into the development of the frozen and chilled food and beverage business in the Philippines, explores the latest developments in grocery, and discusses the ins and outs of social media marketing to Filipinos.

Justin also provided his insights on the growth of the home seller channel through platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Viber, and how it’s intertwined with Filipino culture.


Food for Thought, Episode 4, ‘Navigating the Thai market’

Joining Cameron is Gopal Jagota, Director of Business Development at Jagota Brothers Trading Co in Thailand, as part of the Southeast and North Asian distributor interview series.

This talk shines a light on the Thai food service and tourism sectors, with a particular focus on consumer demographics in the Thai market, and discusses the promising outlook for these sectors in the second half of this year. Gopal andCameron also touch on Thai economy considerations and challenges including regulatory issues and the ever-present FDA processes.

Gopal emphasizes the importance of fostering a collaborative approach between importers and brand owners by embracing shared risk, investment, time, and return on investment.


Food for Thought, Episode 5, ‘Gourmet Food Holdings Asia export success story’

Episode 5 is a little different. Cameron talks to a brand owner who is achieving success across Southeast and North Asian export markets with the support of Incite.

Joining Cameron is Daniel Tamburrini, the National Business Manager at Gourmet Food Holdings in Australia, a leader in premium snacking with a 78% market share in their category. 

Incite has had a partnership with Gourmet Food Holdings since 2017, and over this time they’ve seen export growth in Singapore and Hong Kong with two brands.  A new distribution partner for them in Malaysia, with Vietnam and Indonesia has just been appointed.

As an artisan biscuit brand with a strong shelf presence in the grocery channel, this chat discusses in-market investment and marketing activations, and what messaging is required at point of purchase.

It also discusses the exciting developments of launching in Malaysia and how the company has been able to demonstrate a seamless process for establishing distribution within a three-month period, and what the future holds.


Food for Thought, Episode 6, ‘Vietnam market dynamics’

On Episode Six of our Southeast and North Asian distributor interview series – Cong Ong joins Cameron. Cong is the Founder and General Manager of Good Food in Vietnam.           

“We explore the growth and development of ASEAN markets, including Vietnam’s position within the region, and the vital role of foreign investment in supporting food and beverage facilities in Vietnam,” says Cameron.. “We also discuss the scarcity of nationwide cool chain services which poses challenges for the distribution of chilled and frozen products, but also opportunities for those that invest in the sector, including Good Food.

“We then delve into the significance of leveraging digital marketing and social media platforms to boost sales and brand awareness in a market like Vietnam, where the population is nearing 100 million, with an average consumer age of 32.”


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