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For the fourth consecutive year, Incite has surveyed its network of more than 1,900 leading food and beverage importers and distributors across Southeast and North Asia to obtain their industry insights.

Incite’s 2022 report is designed for food and beverage exporters from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand wanting to grow their export sales to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan & South Korea.

The survey takes the pulse of leading importers and distributors in export markets across those nine countries and covers marketing and promotion, market demand, reputation and awareness, as well as challenges and opportunities.

This year the report’s authors were particularly interested in how Incite’s distribution network felt about the current commercial environment in their industry, their sentiment for the future and the challenges and opportunities for F&B brands from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand in their markets.

The results came as a surprise.

“We were thrilled to validate our assumption that with pandemic restrictions mostly behind us, a large percentage of distributors surveyed are actively reviewing new food and beverage distribution opportunities,” says Cameron Gordon, Incite partner and head of client growth. “The data also indicated that the top echelon of distributors in each market continues to be approached daily by exporters, proving just how strategic (and competitive) these markets are for brands seeking to grow their export sales in these markets.

“In-store promotions and tastings have resumed after being restricted for two and a half years, and distributors surveyed stressed the importance of implementing an ongoing localised digital marketing strategy to foster brand awareness and drive sales.”

Cameron says that distributors surveyed also reveal the in-demand categories in their markets and how they are looking to partner with brands in these categories for distribution in their markets. “Importers and distributors across the region have a positive outlook for both grocery and food service sectors as we move into 2023. We asked distributors surveyed to share their views about the reputation of food and beverage brands from the UK, Australia and New Zealand and how Government initiatives from these countries are assisting with driving demand,” he says.

“Finally, we asked distributors about the key challenges they face with importing products from the U.K, Australia and New Zealand and how these can best be overcome.”

Non-alcoholic drinks, dairy, plant-based proteins, and health food are among the top four in-demand categories. The megatrend towards meat protein alternatives is also visible across Asia with 7.5 percent of distributors on the lookout for brands in this category.


You can download the Incite report here:  If you have any questions or comments about the report or would like to discuss the opportunities available for your products across these nine growth Asian markets, email [email protected]

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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