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Abel’s business management software, Abel® ERP, has been helping mid-size and multinational businesses increase operational and management effectiveness across their local and global operations.

Abel Software specializes in enterprise resource planning software (ERP) that is fully scalable to suit mid-sized and growing businesses, through to multinational corporations. 
International customers are running Abel ERP in multiple languages and currencies across 13 countries. 
Abel ERP provides integrated core business management software that allows businesses to manage and automate many functions such as manufacturing, distribution, and financials.

What sets Abel apart is its true scalability and its multi-database capability, enabling businesses to easily expand to multiple countries while maintaining a global view of their whole operation. This Kiwi grown innovation has created big opportunities for Abel Software. 
True to the vision of its co-founders Allan Baird and Jane Mattsen, Abel’s architecture has delivered a functionally rich, fully scalable and affordable product that provides a long-term solution for customers as they grow. 

US-based Alsco Inc., a global leader in textile rental services, originally chose Abel for its robust operational and financial capability, its ability to grow with the company’s requirements, and to manage all operations long-term. Fifteen years on, Alsco Inc continues to expand its use of Abel ERP, adopting new functionality within its U.S. and international operations. 
They now run over 150 databases in eleven countries that link to their corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Abel’s ERP software is also helping other mid-sized and growing businesses. Many of Abel’s customers are business innovators who are expanding internationally. Abel’s team understands the challenges of global expansion, and that makes Abel ERP an ideal choice to meet customers’ needs both now and in the future.

Abel Software was founded on Auckland’s North Shore in 1996, and they chose the Auckland North Innovation District for their company headquarters because it’s a good location to attract fresh talent and support their future plans. 
Abel’s vision and innovation is keeping them on track to become a $500 million business and a major global provider of ERP software.
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