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For the fifth consecutive year, Incite has surveyed more than 2,500 F&B importer and distributor contacts in its network across Southeast and North Asia to get their insights on the current state of the sector.

The top distributors across this region are presented with new opportunities multiple times weekly, but less than 25 percent of brands are successful in getting their attention.

In this special virtual event on Wednesday November 22nd major distributors across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea will share their insights on:

  • Whether they are currently open to reviewing new distribution opportunities.
  • In-demand and trending product categories.
  • The most important factors when assessing new distribution opportunities in these markets.
  • The most effective marketing activities for grocery brands.
  • The biggest challenges in their imported food and beverage sector.
  • Their outlook for the next 12 months for the grocery and food service sectors.

The distributors will also offer one piece of advice they could give to new brands trying to enter, grow and succeed in their market in 2024.

Find out what they had to say.

The event is hosted by: Food & Beverage Export Development company INCITE

Speakers include Cameron Gordon, Incite’s Founding Partner + Head of Client Growth, as well as the following Guest Distributors:

  • Gopal Jagota, Managing Director at Jagota Brothers (Thailand)
  • Justin Lim, President at Linkage Foods Venture Corporation (Philippines)
  • Jeevan Dass, General Manager at Frosts Food and Beverage (Singapore)
  • William Ng, General Manager at Good Food (Vietnam)

Supported by: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Austrade and The New Zealand Food Innovation Network, and ASEAN Food & Drink Exporters

To register go to:


Event details & registration:

Date: Wednesday 22 November, 2023

Time: 1-2pm AEDT (Eastern Australia); 3-4pm NZT (New Zealand)

Glenn Baker

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