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The new feature will provide enhanced visibility with real-time information on international shipments through container event tracking.

This is building on the port event data already available in Cube from an integration with New Zealand ports completed earlier this year.

“Real-time container event tracking is not just about knowing how a shipment is progressing —it’s about understanding its journey, its estimated time of arrival, and being able to respond proactively to any changes or disruptions. It’s about transforming data into actionable insights that can help our customers with logistics planning, drive efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction,” explains TradeWindow CEO AJ Smith (pictured).

This enhanced visibility is the result of TradeWindow’s strategic collaboration with a trusted industry partner, leveraging their expertise and technology to provide a seamless and efficient digital trade solution for shippers. This means that importers and exporters will now have a single trade platform to access shipping container event information, eliminating the need to log into multiple shipping line portals and track details manually in a spreadsheet. 

The challenges of the past three years have made it abundantly clear that relying on outdated, static information is no longer viable, says Smith. The data for each shipment is now considered just as important as the shipment itself.

He says this new feature will bring a wealth of benefits to TradeWindow Cube’s customers. It will significantly reduce the need for numerous emails and phone calls to track shipments, thereby improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

“Importers will be able to log into the Cube platform independently to view their own shipment information, increasing customer satisfaction with this self-serve option, and reducing the burden on exporters,” says Smith.

The new feature will also provide critical financial benefits. With real-time visibility, exporters can request payment with confidence, knowing their containers are on the water. Meanwhile, importers can better manage their cashflow, preparing to pay on terms with the assurance of their shipment’s progress. And, in the coming weeks, TradeWindow Cube will also feature Estimated/Actual Time of Arrival (ETAs/ATAs) and Estimated/Actual Time of Departure (ETDs/ATDs), giving users complete shipment visibility.

TradeWindow Cube radically enhances connectivity and visibility across all parties in the supply chain, says Smith. It also provides access to value-add services such as scheduling, booking, and insurance, with more ecosystem partners joining all the time.

The new feature will be charged on a per-container basis, providing a cost-effective solution for shippers.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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