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Innovative freight matching platform TNX has announced the launch of its first long-term domestic partnership with New Zealand’s leading freight management business, Coda Group. 

TNX will provide transport optimisation and vendor management, allowing Coda to better utilise assets and reduce truck movements to improve freight flows around New Zealand. 

TNX Managing Director and co-founder, Jonah McIntire said: “TNX optimisation is unique because it is optimising across the community. It is about win-win arrangements. Applying our algorithms and approach across the scale of cargo offered by our customers has the potential to drive significant change in the freight sector in New Zealand.

“Our vision is to enable supply chain strategies, for retail and manufacturing cargo flows, that are simply not seen today. Our work with Coda will showcase what technology can mean for transport. Sector participants are already taking notice, both here and internationally,” he said. 

Coda Chief Executive Scott Brownlee said: “Our aim is to remove waste from the domestic logistics network and we see TNX as the cornerstone in our digital strategy to support this. By partnering with TNX we will deliver fresh and innovative supply chain solutions to provide better matching of freight flows up and down the country and bring greater value to our customers and logistics partners.

“TNX will provide a land transport optimisation solution that will make the most optimal road transport decisions to remove empty running and increase utilisation of the trucks moving around the country. We will continue to leverage the opportunities TNX has created on their open-spot market platform that already successfully allows us to find transport capacity and match cargo on a daily basis.

“A key strategy that allows Coda to deliver sustainable benefits to the New Zealand supply chain is our growing network of intermodal freight hubs. Rail served hubs will fundamentally change how we move freight around New Zealand, by providing easier access to rail and creating more effective hub and spoke operations in key locations around the country. Technology is a key enabler to bring this new intermodal network to life and we believe TNX is the right technology partner to help us on this journey,” he said. 

Coda’s TNX software development kicks off in September, with implementation to be rolled out over the next ten to 12 months. 

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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