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Australian company Winning Services has opened its new Auckland distribution centre and launched a 3PL service that specialises in big and bulky home products.

The family owned and operated business has expanded into New Zealand with the launch of Winning Services and a 6,300 sqm world-class distribution centre in Waitemata Ports of Auckland targeting home retailers.

The location of the new distribnution centre ensures that Winning Services can mitigate middle mile logistics costs and decrease supply chain lead times for third party customers, a first of its kind for big and bulky home products it says. 

The Winning Group is one of Australia’s leading retail and logistics companies, with 115 years of history and service and multiple awards under its belt. It offers third-party logistics services for retailers across furniture, bedding, fitness and appliance categories and will be looking to expand this offering to NZ.

“With some of the highest Net Promoter Scores in the world for logistics and as a leader in big and bulky warehousing and end mile customer experience, we are delighted to launch Winning Services in New Zealand,” says Ryan Fritsch, COO, Winning Group. “Logistics has been at the core of the Group’s success and we saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to bring our legendary care, in the form of world-class warehousing and delivery service, to big and bulky home products in New Zealand.”

“New Zealand has always been on our radar and our centre’s ideal location in Waitemata Port, provides cost and supply chain efficiencies for customers,” adds Michael Bunt, General Manager Operations. “For Auckland-based customers, goods are able to be destuffed, stored, dispatched and delivered straight from the Ports – and for the rest of New Zealand, Winning Services can facilitate the dispatch of goods from location, ready for line haul to other parts of the country.

“Aside from offering an unmatched third party logistics service to Kiwis, we are also wholeheartedly committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible every time they use our service. We look forward to welcoming new customers and making our mark in New Zealand”, said Bunt.

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