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In order to boost its customer proximity and deliver more effectively to customers, Hamburg Süd will optimize its organizational structure by the end of 2020’s third quarter.  

In the company’s regions, the organizational and geographical area structure will be closer aligned with that of the parent brand Maersk and a multi-brand Regional Ocean Management team will set up. In addition, Hamburg Süd has established an Extended Management Team in the brand headquarter in Hamburg to ensure a holistic approach and a sustainable brand with a differentiated service model.

The Extended Management Team comprises of the CEO and CFO along with the Global Heads of Marketing, Key Account Management, Customer Experience, IT, and HR.

“Hamburg Süd is known in the industry for its unmatched customer proximity, for its long-term and direct customer relationships, for being reachable in person, and for providing advice at the local level,” said Dr. Arnt Vespermann, CEO of Hamburg Süd. “We want to further enhance these advantages for our customers in order to differentiate ourselves even more. Our customers expect a very personal and local customer experience, and this is what they’ll get even more of in future.”  

Vincent Clerc, CEO of Ocean & Logistics in A.P. Moller – Maersk adds: “Hamburg Süd is a strong brand with its own value propositions complementing those of Maersk. By bringing the product teams closer together we want to secure stronger alignment across the teams and stronger brand positioning based on insights into our customers’ needs, enabling us to serve all customers with an optimal product and service offering.”

The Extended Management Team will further increase Hamburg Süd’s flexibility in responding to changing market trends as well as its agility and speed to market in the development of new products and innovative solutions. Thus, the Extended Management Team ensures a holistic approach and a sustainable, high-quality advancement of the well-known Hamburg Süd brand.  

From a regional perspective, Hamburg Süd’s local managements in more than 100 countries around the globe already enjoy significant empowerment. This ensures fast response times and a high degree of flexibility to meet customers’ individual needs.

A multi-brand Regional Ocean Management team will further leverage these market advantages and Hamburg Süd’s regional organizational setup will be integrated with Maersk. The new structure will facilitate the alignment across all brands within Maersk for the benefit of the customers. It will further enhance the service and quality offering of Hamburg Süd and will guarantee a much more powerful frontline organization with quicker response times and even more flexibility to market trends.  


Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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