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Leading supply chain and logistics expert Dr Hermione Parsons will be keynote speaker for the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation (CBAFF) conference, to be held in Tauranga in May. 
Dr Parsons is the Director of the Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics at Victoria University in Melbourne. 
CBAFF Chief Executive Rosemarie Dawson said the organisation was delighted Dr Parsons would be addressing the conference, which has been developed to a refreshed format following industry-wide consultation. 
“Dr Parsons is at the forefront of thinking in Australia in the development of regulatory and pricing systems, supply chain re-engineering and intermodal strategies for freight,” said Ms Dawson.
“She has extensive national and international expertise in economic and systems geography and strategic planning across a variety of global supply chain and logistics industries.
“She also has considerable leadership and executive management experience including at the Port of Melbourne Corporation and with the Victorian Government.”
The conference, to be held at the waterfront Trinity Wharf Hotel from May 8-10, has been designed to have wide-ranging and cross-industry appeal. 
“Our consultation with both our loyal core audience and the wider industry has shown that there is demand for an event that can bring together a much broader cross section of the industry,” said Ms Dawson. 
“As well as great speakers from in and outside of the industry, people want a more interactive programme and the opportunity to network with people from all segments including customs brokers and freight forwarders, importers and exporters and those dealing with food, wine and consumables.
“We have aligned our programme to meet those needs. This year’s conference theme of supply chain collaboration will include globalisation and the changing world; environmental sustainability; the New Zealand supply chain and supply chain visibility, flexibility, security and risk.
“We will also be providing expert input on social media implementation and use in the freight sector, new technologies and innovation and building business value, strength and capacity. 
Speakers also include Mark Cairns, Chief Executive of Port of Tauranga, James Lowe, Solutions Advisor, Supply Chain Management for SAP New Zealand and Graeme Norton, executive director of 3R Group which specialises in developing and managing product stewardship programmes in New Zealand.
The line-up also includes Dr Peter Stevens, CEO of GS1 New Zealand, the international not-for-profit organisation behind the only global system for bar coding; Chris Peace, director of Risk Management Ltd which helps clients establish effective risk-management frameworks; and Jane Smith, General Manager of e-solutions specialists B2BE.
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