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DHL has opened a brand new Auckland Service Centre in Penrose to better support businesses operating in and out of New Zealand, and following significant growth in international trade. 

The NZ$1.73 million facility is part of the company’s global investment to bolster network connectivity. The new Penrose facility measures approximately 5,245 square metres, with 500 square metres allocated for office space to accommodate the growth in DHL NZ staff strength by approximately three percent* year-on-year. 

Commenting on the investment, DHL Express NZ Country Manager, Mark Foy says, “I’m thrilled to open this brand facility, which will equip our courier fleet with all that they require to continue delivering great service quality. At DHL Express, our goal is to move shipments through our network as quickly and efficiently as possible. As an international logistics provider, we are committed to helping Kiwi businesses export and import products to facilitate global trade.”

A key driver for this new facility has been the change in consumer patterns. This has driven the need to adapt and develop solutions to make the shipping experience easier for consumers. The new facility will welcome cash customers without a DHL account to book an import or export shipment with credit card or cash payment. Customers can now also drop off and collect their international shipments directly from this new site.

“E-commerce sites and exporters who are expanding to new overseas markets need a reliable and fast worldwide door-to-door delivery service. We have seen a positive response to our flexible delivery options, particularly our On Demand Delivery and Parcel Locker services from online Kiwi shoppers and are excited to open another facility as a drop off and collection point,” says Foy.

He is confident that the centralised location will give DHL Express the capacity to expand their Auckland courier fleet. This comes after DHL announced that they have effectively doubled their courier fleet across New Zealand since 2014.

Foy also says DHL will continue to invest in the network to support the growth and trends of Kiwi businesses. The expansion of the Auckland Airport Gateway in 2016, the introduction of the 767-300 freighter in 2018 and now the new Auckland Service Centre, all mark significant steps forward in enhancing DHL’s service standards to match the evolving needs of Kiwi businesses tapping into international growth.

*DHL Express Year end 2018 Employee Count.

Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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