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Technology Investment Network (TIN) has revealed New Zealand’s top ten high growth technology export companies across two categories: TIN100 EY Ten Companies to Watch and the TIN100+ Ten Hot Emerging Companies, as part of the annual TIN 100 Report measuring the performance of the technology export sector. 
The two lists include the companies who had the biggest dollar value revenue growth in 2014; the TIN100 (revenues NZ $1Billion to NZ$14m) and TIN100+ (revenues NZ $14m to NZ$2m) group of technology exporters.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare tops the list of EY Ten Companies to Watch, moving from second place in 2013, into the top spot in 2014, closely followed by materials handling and plant automation company BCS Group, who have risen from fourth position in 2013. The two companies had revenue growth of $67 and $56m respectively.
“BCS Group showed an impressive 68 percent increase in revenue in 2014 following up on their 36 percent growth in 2013. They are clearly going from strength to strength.
“Two out of the EY Ten Companies to Watch, AFT Pharmaceuticals and F&P Appliances are new to the growth list, which was started in 2008,” says Greg Shanahan, Managing Director, Technology Investment Network.
Topping the TIN100+ Hot Emerging Companies list for 2014 is Enprise Group. Enprise Group develops implements and supports online accounting software package MYOB EXO customising solutions to fit the business needs of their customers. 
Other TIN100+ Hot Emerging Companies include manufacturers RML Engineering and Metalform.
“It is pleasing to see growth in the sector returning to pre Global Financial Crisis figures and I’m particularly buoyed by the re-emergence of companies manufacturing highly sophisticated products, such as Metalform in Dannevirke and Hamilton based RML Engineering,” says Shanahan.
2014 marks the tenth year of publication for the TIN 100 Report. The report publishes quantitative research, measuring the performance of New Zealand’s 200 largest globally-focused companies in the hi-tech manufacturing, biotech and ICT sectors. 
TIN surveys around 300 companies annually. Questions cover business structure, key products, revenue and EBITDA, expenditure, employees, sales and company issues. To gain greater understanding and qualitative content for the report, a wide range of CEOs and other senior executives are also interviewed. 
“The value of the TIN100 Report is that it creates transparency for the performance of the NZ technology sector, and enables investors to identify high growth companies to potentially engage with.”
The full TIN 100 Report for 2014 including details of the top 100 companies and analysis of the different sectors, will be released on 22 October. 
Photo: Greg Shanahan
2014 EY Ten Companies to Watch – TIN100 – Name and Growth in millions
1 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited $67.100
2 BCS Group $56.500
3 Orion Health $41.000
4 NDA Group $40.000
5 Diligent Board Member Services $31.294
6 Xero $31.067
7 Tru-Test Group $28.723
8 Fisher & Paykel Appliances $22.463
9 AFT Pharmaceuticals $14.900
10 Datacom Group $10.000
2014  TIN100+ Hot Emerging  Companies – Name and Growth in millions
1 Enprise Group Ltd $4.121
2 Ceiba Solutions $3.500
3 Phitek Systems $3.400
4 Snakk Media $3.376
5 RML Engineering $2.500
6 Vend $2.305
7= Metalform $2.300
7= Data Torque $2.300
9 Agility CIS Ltd $2.097
10 Serko $1.875
Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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