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TracPlus Global and OBIQ.IO have announced the successful delivery of passenger and equipment manifests using OBIQ.IO location technology and TracPlus’ global tracking and messaging service.
Over the past four months, the two companies have been working together to automatically detect passengers and role equipment and deliver that information off an aircraft in real-time. 
Each crew member or passenger is assigned a secure wearable Bluetooth enabled “tag” that contains important and relevant information about them, such as name and weight. Critical role equipment such as winches, defibrillators or satellite phones can also be tagged, so that inventories can be kept up to date when role equipment is removed or replaced. These tags are automatically detected at aircraft startup and then transmitted off the aircraft using a RockAIR tracker.  
“The strong interest we are seeing in our LaaS (Location as a Service) technology validates the need for automating passenger manifests and load calculations, technology that wildfire fighting agencies and other government organizations and utilities around the world have been asking for.” said Vincent Hoog, CEO of OBIQ.IO. 
“Together our technologies are bringing clarity to operational logistics by way of seamless transfer of critical data delivery in real-time ” Hoog continued “  We are very pleased with our ongoing synergistic collaboration with TracPlus Global and excited about the USFS (U.S. Forest Service) accreditation that the RockAir has just been awarded ”.
This integrated technology extends the functionality of the proven RockAIR satellite system and gives dispatch and managers immediate visibility into exactly who and what’s on board each aircraft from anywhere on the globe.
“This capability is a natural outcome of our Globally Connected Cockpit philosophy” said Chris Hinch, CIO of TracPlus. “We are passionate about working with other companies to deliver innovative and effective solutions like this, and we were delighted to support OBIQ.IO when they approached us. We believe that better mission intelligence drives better mission outcomes – and knowing exactly who and what equipment is on board an aircraft every time it takes off will be a game changer for our customers around the world.” 
Hinch continued, “This technology opens up many doors – not only for TracPlus but also for our other partners, such as moving map providers who will be able to automatically populate weight and balance calculations or flight plans, which is very exciting.”
OBIQ.IO and TracPlus will be on display at the TracPlus Global booth #C2141 at 2018 HAI HELIEXPO, Las Vegas, Nevada from Feb 26 to March 1.


Glenn Baker

Glenn is a professional writer/editor with 50-plus years’ experience across radio, television and magazine publishing.


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