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This privately owned New Zealand Company is looking for buyer’s agents and distributors worldwide.

Currently they export to China and Hong Kong as well as supplying the domestic market here in New Zealand but are actively seeking markets in the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and the UK. They are also interested in further  expanding their current presence in China.

They will how-ever welcome all enquiries from other countries.

Looking for the very best of New Zealand of grown and produced products?  This company believes they have what you’re looking for. Their dedicated to producing the finest quality New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oils to markets round the world.

The two varieties of Oil they produce are very different, one being rich and golden, with a rounded taste, the other crisp and peppery. Both being the perfect compliment on vegetables – in fact the only salad dressing you need.

One possesses a rich, golden colour, ideal for spring and summer dining, bringing to the table warm aromas of herb, green tomatoes and a zesty pepper finish. Use it with fish, white meats and for crisp, fresh summer salads. The perfect oil for dipping freshly torn bread into.

The other is a complex and intense oil, bursting with personality. Lively aromas conjure thoughts of fresh herbs and green peppercorns. A delicious flavour, clean and sharp, produced in the warm Hawke’s Bay summer air. Use it for fresh salads, drizzle it over garden greens. Ideal for basil or coriander pesto sitting well as a dipping oil for freshly torn bread.

Like wine, the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the best trees and at their orchid in the sunny Hawke’s Bay region the grower invests time and effort to cultivate healthy trees that produce well-balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oils. All of the Olives are pressed within hours of being picked from the trees so as to ensure the freshest product every-time.

The company will defend their integrity rigorously when boldly stating that they always produce the very best of the best.

As well as the above company we have a data base of 6000 plus New Zealand companies looking to get in-touch with people just like you, so don’t hesitate to contact me, Laurie Witham at [email protected] or 09 366 6879.


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