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 A Vineyard in New Zealand that differs from all others is looking to the tables and palate’s of wine lovers the world over.

Having a reputation as one of the best wines available from all of New Zealand and having the distinction of gracing the finest dinning rooms of the world this company would like now to offer their products to a larger community.

It’s been said that “Wine symbolises the alchemical marriage between Heaven and Earth.” This island vineyard is as close to heaven as you’ll ever find, its unique soils and micro-climate favouring the grape like nowhere else.

This vineyard is located on a tiny, quintessential corner of an island in Northern New Zealand. The land being gently contoured like an ancient amphitheatre, sheltering vines of impeccable lineage, where the pure magic of winemaking combines old world traditions, new world techniques, and a timeless passion for excellence.

The starting point for any remarkable wine is remarkable fruit. And remarkable fruit only comes from extraordinary conditions of which this vineyard has in abundance. Grapes as we all know love sun more than anything else, add in a gentle breeze and a little moisture and we have the starting point for the very finest vintages.

Having multiple blends all of the very highest quality reminiscent of a Bordeaux style wine giving a balance and character through to the power of Cabernet and the fruit characters of Merlot allows this vineyard to provide that special taste to suit every palate.

Increasing in complexity under proper cellar conditions for a decade or more also make this a potential investment product for the discerning collector.

With a philosophy that destiny is not simply a matter of chance nor something to wait for, but rather a matter of choice and something to be achieved is the principle from which this vineyard has proudly embraced as the corner stone of their success.

Contact us now for a personal introduction to this company contact me, Laurie Witham at [email protected] or phone (09) 366 6879

As well as the above company we have a data base of 6000 plus New Zealand companies looking to get in-touch with people just like you, so don’t hesitate to contact me, (Laurie Witham) on the above details.


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