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This privately owned and operated New Zealand Company has been for the past 20 years providing equipment for both protection for the body as well as aiding recover from surgery and are now looking for new international markets.

Their range of off the shelf orthotics is simply outstanding.

Currently exporting to a few corners of the world, including Australia, Asia, USA, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom and Europe they now see a need for their products anywhere the population is active. So if you happen to be a distributor of medical or sports, (injury prevention) equipment you should be talking to this company.

The soccer mad South American countries would find these products to be of great value as would our rugby friends in South Africa. Inquires from all corners of the globe are equally encouraged.

Being at the fore front of developing a range of orthotics and associated components for some 20 years plus ensures that this company has the expertise to supply the right product for the right application for most injury recovery or prevention situation. It could be Moto X, some other contact sport or even snow sports, chances are this company will have a product to help protect the body from breaks and strains.

 In order to ensure their on-going success they have had to work closely and constantly with medical professionals, (orthopedic surgeons) thus bringing together their ideas and requirements with its design and manufacturing skills to provide the current range of products.

This small company is very proud of the close working relationships they have built up over the years with health professionals both in New Zealand and overseas and intend to maintain this highest of standards long into the future. Being a respected company in this sector doesn’t happen by accident.

These strong long-term relationships have played a vital role in the ongoing development of their products within New Zealand.

If you or someone you know is interested in being personally introduced to this company contact me, Laurie Witham at [email protected] or phone (09) 366 6879.

As well as the above company we have a data base of 6000 plus New Zealand companies looking to get in-touch with people just like you, so don’t hesitate to contact me, (Laurie Witham) on the above details.


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