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This young company owned by a kiwi who now divides his time between NZ and Australia is looking for buyers, agents and distributors worldwide.

Water is fast becoming one of the most valuable and scarce recourses across the globe. This company manufactures the most amazingly space efficient collapsible water tank available in the world today. Currently they market to NZ and Australia, however with the whole planet now being space conscious and the need to be best prepared for water shortages they believe the time is right for looking at further export opportunities.

 They are now looking for markets in North America, Europe, India, China and of course anywhere that requires a fast, easily accessible and flexible solution to water storage.They will how-ever welcome all enquiries from other countries.

Their tanks are manufactured using a galvanised steel frame and strong thermoplastic liner. This enables you to easily transport 25,000 litres of water storage capacity that would previously have occupied the same space as a 5,000 litre tank. You can now capture the excess rainwater that has previously gone down the drain.

This revolutionary shift in tank design technology creates new possibilities for water storage and tank transportation previously unthinkable with conventional tanks. The applications and practical uses for these tanks are endless. Previous areas that have been difficult to access are now a thing of the past, when disassembled; the tank can be easily rolled and lifted into almost any situation, including narrow pathways, stairs and or hills, behind those tight buildings or low hanging trees. There is no reason why you couldn’t put you’re tank indoors, in the garage a storage shed or even the basement, a tank so cleverly designed most doorways present no obstacle at all.

The costs, logistics and ease of transporting large tanks across vast distances have always been a prohibitive factor. Simply put, when disassembled you can fit this tank into the back of a station wagon and or light truck making response times for disaster relief or anywhere that water is required so much faster than ever before. There couldn’t be a more cost effective and easy solution to water storage.

Contact us now for a personal introduction to this company contact me, Laurie Witham at [email protected] or phone (09) 366 6879


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