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Booming childcare industry opens global opportunities for inventive solution

Around the world an increasing number of children are being cared for during business hours by childcare services with inconsistent standards. By taking a fresh look at the concerns of busy parents Auckland North firm aimy Plus is going global with an innovative childcare platform. 

It is common knowledge that it is becoming more expensive to live and higher living costs have driven the need for two working incomes per household. Around the world an increasing number of children are being cared for during business hours and within rapidly growing industries comes different standards of childcare. 

One Auckland North business has stepped back and taken a fresh look at the childcare industry. By listening to working parents concerns, aimy Plus has identified gaps in the current childcare model. 
Aimy Plus is creating a complete childcare platform that helps satisfy both parents concerns and their childcare centre’s needs. This 18 month old company is attracting attention. They have recently secured a contract with a large international firm, instantly putting their product in seven countries.

The CEO of aimy Plus Dean Payn says “Our passion is families and we’ve talked to many parents from many different cultures who all share the same childcare concerns. As busy parents ourselves, we wanted to improve how families are run within the society that we are creating”.

Dean, his business partner Ray Lu and their team, have designed this solution at their base in Albany. Aimy Plus offers childcare providers a business management system where the entire childcare business can be run on one smart programme no matter how many centres the business runs. This software is integrated with a finder app for parents, allowing them to have easy access to an abundance of information about everything and anything childcare-related in their local community, becoming the ‘’ of childcare for parents.

A third exciting planned product is under development. Fambam is a secure, family social network. 
“We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. That village historically has consisted of parents, grandparents and family relatives. With parents working that village has expanded further. There’s the soccer coach, the dance teacher, the afterschool care teacher or perhaps the neighbour, and all are helping to raise your child. 
"With Fambam you have a private and secure social network where parents have information over who is in your village with up to date information allowing more control,” says Dean Payn. 

Aimy Plus directors have recently demonstrated Fambam in China and there has been a high level of interest. 

The thriving market of childcare has brought forth a big opportunity for aimy Plus and the business has experienced rapid growth. With their product now in seven countries around the globe and many more countries with expanding childcare services, this company’s vision and long-term objectives are very clear.

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