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About Export and Trade Handbook

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The New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook is an instruction book not a theory book. It is a popular international guide to doing business with New Zealand. Updated and reviewed annually, it provides a wealth of specialised information relevant to New Zealand’s export/import industry.

The contents of this publication cover the most important aspects of export and import management and detailed information to help the exporter in today’s market. For new entrants to the field, it is guaranteed to take much of the frustration out of being a novice by dramatically reducing the length of the learning curve.

The publication provides information on International Trade, Export / Import Management, Sales and Marketing, Freight and Logistics, Airfreight, Seafreight Finance, Insurance, Customs, Taxation, Packaging and Labelling, Legal, Online Business, Communication Technology, and a Help Desk which includes education, networking and government assistance.

It is distributed to 3500 businesses involved in exporting from New Zealand and is available in printed format and also digitally on the Zinio platform.

The New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook is published by the team at Adrenalin Publishing who also publish NZBusiness and Management magazine led by editor Glenn Baker.

Editor’s Note
Message from the Minister of Trade
Message from ExportNZ Chair

1. Focusing on Australia
The first move for many Kiwi businesses looking to dip their toe in export waters, is that step across the Tasman Sea. Prepared with valuable assistance from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, this must-read chapter provides a broad-brush guide to understanding, and succeeding in the Australian market.

2. International Trade
Exporting is hard work and getting started requires a singular clarity of purpose and drive. This chapter provides a quick general introduction to exporting. It covers the importance of being prepared, and offers a check-list to help you determine where to focus your energies first. It all begins with the 5 C’s of exporting..

3. Export Management
Export New Zealand walks you through the basics of market selection and positioning, distribution and market representation, social media and e-commerce sales, price setting, strategic planning, shipping, export regulations, risk and security, and cultural awareness.

4. Import Management
Insurance, freight, the regulatory environment, choosing a partner, writing a business plan, support agencies, key import service providers, methods of payment, import documentation, tariffs and concessions and clearing customs. A one-stop chapter for importers.

5. Freight & Logistics
Agreeing on terms, getting paid, organising logistics, transport options, cargo insurance categories, packing goods correctly, air freight, and how to work with freight and logistics partners/advisors. Plus, the five ‘must-haves’ for a logistics partner, and Hamburg Süd New Zealand Head Simon Edwards shares his global supply chain predictions.

6. Sea Freight
A brief history and overview of the global container shipping marketplace and the latest initiatives to increase efficiency and address the industry’s carbon footprint. Includes coverage of the latest International Maritime Organization Low Sulphur Regulation.

7. Customs
The latest guide to Customs requirements in New Zealand, including: The Working Tariff Document of New Zealand, tariff concessions, lodging entries, export requirements, timeframes and clearance evidence, the Secure Exports Scheme, import requirements, and aircraft pre-alerts.

8. Finance
How to navigate supply chain disruption; Identifying sustainable trade solutions; identifying trade risks, payment solutions; bank finance and trade loans; receivables finance, and much more. 

9. Insurance
Marine cargo insurance, product liability and risk insurance, trade credit insurance, business travel insurance. Why have it? What it will cover, what to look for, and what to tell your insurer.  Plus a report covering the impact on marine insurance around on-board fire protection, dangerous goods and theft.

10. Taxation
Taxation issues for exporters – the importance of a team approach to tax issues, GST/VAT, dealing with overseas income tax, income tax issues on these shores, potential tax complications with employees, the issue of transfer pricing and its documentation requirements, and tax structuring.

11. Intellectual Property
The benefits of IP to your business; knowing the rules; developing your IP strategy; The Madrid Protocol; trade marks; patents; design protection; PVRs, copyright and trade secrets; and much more. Includes special sections on protecting your IP in China, the US and Australia, and the CPTPP’s impact on New Zealand’s IP landscape.

12. Legal
A look at the possible international market entry options – their key legal characteristics and other major considerations surrounding the different business structures, including taxation. Includes options for manufacturing outside New Zealand.

13. Sales & Marketing
Getting started; localising and measuring your marketing activity; choosing the right digital channels; building your marketing team and hiring people in-market; and designing your marketing roadmap.

14. Packaging & Labelling
Packaging design, environmental issues and labelling, barcodes, dangerous goods and hazardous substances classification and labelling, transporting dangerous goods.

Help Desk
Directory of bilateral business councils, Government departments, not-for-profits and import/export-related education providers.

Air cargo terminology, Incoterms and other shipping terms, as well as trading jargon.